February 22, 2017 Episode 194 - RE: DAMAN

Dear Daman, 

Thank you for your feedback. Your opinion is important to us, and we value the time you spent processing your feelings, and putting your thoughts into something actionable. 

We heard you, and wanted you to know that you are partially, if not completely, responsible for this. 

In this episode we don't really talk about our weeks, as we got feedback about that, so we haphazardly put together some stories so we can continue to impress our listeners. oh and we listened to unicorn music. that happened!!! So much more happened on this show, I just don't want to spoil it for you!



MUSIC: “The Signal” via Night Gallery – The official band of EPQ or something… 
HEADER IMAGE: via Grant and his crazy screenshot skillz
INTRO MUSIC: artist Varjak via Looperman
OUTRO MUSIC: "Say Anything (Else)" by Cartel via super emo playlist on spotify